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A Year in Paris is being Published
by Justice House Publishing
Date of release: March 2001
I'll let everyone know when the book is ready for pre-order.

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March 6, 2001

Chapter II of Original Sin is up

February 27, 2001

Put up chapter I of Original Sin. It's a new story:-)

February 19, 2001

The conclusion of Culture Clash is up

February 12, 2001

Chapter XXIV is up.

January 31, 2001

Chapter XXIII is up :-) Finally:-)

January 14, 2001

Added chapter XXII

December 27, 2000

Added chapter XXI.

The next chapter shoudl be the conclusion

December 11, 2000

Added Chapter XX

December 4, 2000

Added Chapter XIX

November 29, 2000

Added chapter XVIII

November 12, 2000

Added chapter XVII

October 30, 2000

Added chapter XVI

October 22, 2000

Added Chapter XV

October 15, 2000

Added Chapter XIV

October 13, 2000

Added Lo and Chloe's favorite places page

October 1, 2000

Added Chapter XIII

Sept 25, 2000

Chapter XII of Culture Clash is up.

Sept 18, 2000

Chapter XI is up. Enjoy.

Sept 6, 2000

Chapter X has been posted

Sept 2, 2000

Revised chapter V of Culture Clash

August 30

Chapter IX of Culture Clash is now up.

August 29, 2000

We now have our own maling list. Check it out at http://www.egroups.com/group/tales-of-LoandChloe

August 28, 2000

Posted chapter VIII of Culture Clash

August 24, 2000

I'm back! :-) Here is chapter VII of Culture Clash. Enjoy

August 9, 2000

Added chapter VI of Culture Clash

August 8, 2000

Added revised version of chapter III of Culture Clash

August I, 2000

Added chapter V

July 25, 2000

Added beta version of chapter III and chapter IV

July 19, 2000

Added chapter II  of Culture Clash

July 17, 2000

Added first chapter of Culture Clash- Sequel to A Year in Paris

June 28, 2000

Here is the conclusion. I hope you like it.

June 23, 2000

Added chapter XX

June 21, 2000

Added chapter XIX

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