A Year in Paris is being Published
by Justice House Publishing
Date of release: Early 2001
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A Year in Paris

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     What happens to Chloe Jones when she comes to Paris to spend the year as an au pair, and is placed in the family of the very enigmatic Laurence Glairon?

    This uber romance, set in Paris, follows Chloe and Laurence through the trials and tribulations of a young romance, as well as unique challenges facing Laurence’s family.

    At 18, Chloe is searching for direction in her life, and decides to go to France as an au pair for one year to assess her future. She arrives in Paris in early September and is met by Laurence Glairon, Chloe’s future host family’s daughter. Laurence’s attitude toward Chloe is distant and rude, and she barely tolerates her. After a very nerve-racking trip from the airport to the Glairon’s house in Versailles, Chloe is introduced to Clément, the little 2-year old boy she is going to be in charge of, and Beatrice, Clément’s mother and Laurence’s step mother. Beatrice is a very volatile person and seems to enjoy herself tremendously with her nightly escapes while her husband Jean (Laurence’s father) is out of town.

    Chloe learns very quickly that the family had gone through four au pairs in less than two years, and that every one of them left because Beatrice was overworking them. Chloe decides to overlook this because of her immediate fondness for the child, and her love of a good challenge. After few days in the house, learning the ropes of being an au pair, and slowly understanding how to deal with Laurence, Beatrice announces that she and Clément are going to go away for a few days.

    To Chloe’s surprise, Laurence offers to take her on a tour of the Versailles castle. The tour turns out to be a revelation about Laurence and her ancestors. Laurence proves to Chloe that she has gained her trust by taking her to a hidden secret passage in the castle only known by her and her father. The few days without Beatrice are spent blissfully, and each day our two characters learn more about each other.

    As it comes time for Laurence to return to college, the girls’ relationship is continuing to grow, but an unkept promise from Laurence comes between them.

    As Chloe and Laurence are working out their problems, a terrible revelation of Beatrice’s treatment of Clément comes to light, and an unexpected confession from Laurence reveals her true relation to Clément...... to know more, go ahead and read:-)